Gippsland Water has demonstrated that security doesn’t have to be boring or uniform with a beautiful custom installation.

The installation consists of nine green powder coated bollards matching the colour of the electric cabinet they protect, taking a soft approach to hard security.

Made by Australian Bollards, these custom bollards don’t just improve safety. They are also an aid in expressing the company’s identity.

The bollards provide a flexible solution to Gippsland Water’s needs. Three of them are key lockable My Space bollards. They can be removed during the day and locked in place at night to prevent access. Another six fixed bollards make up a solid barrier at the back.

Before Gippsland Water’s electric cabinet was fully exposed to car crashes or vandalism. Now the cabinet is protected by this elegant solution that complements the company’s identity.

Utilities such as electric cabinets and gas tanks are often exposed. Australian Bollards offers tailored solutions with our range of Utility Service Bollards such as Gas Meter bollards and My Space bollards with the option to customise them to blend in seamlessly with your business.

Two blue bollards in front of Amart Sports in Castle Hill, New South Wales, is an example of our work in action, the blue colour blending in seamlessly with the brand colour of the company.

If you are interested in a custom solution to fit your need, our customer service team would love to hear from you.