Australian Bollard’s ‘MySpace’ Bollard is a popular access control solution throughout Australia.

Being light in weight, key lockable and having a simple twist off removal process, the bollards provide user friendly operation.

Recently, the MySpace Bollards were installed at a site in Box Hill, in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. Our client was having issues with unauthorised people driving into their premises without permission. However, they could not permanently block it off as their cars needed to drive down at times.


The bollards provided the ideal solution to ensure easy access control.

Another installation was at the Lyceum club based in Melbourne’s CBD. The Lyceum club is an arts, literature and social activism club for women.

The MySpace bollard was needed to deter placement of objects in a protected area. The area is protected to allow the doors to open with ease to accommodate an easy flow of pedestrians.

These bollards provide an ideal solution due to its easy removal if members within the club need to move furniture or large objects through the doors.












Another recent installation is at Flight Centre on St Kilda road, in Melbourne’s inner South.

The bollard provides a safe zone between the road and the pedestrian area which has a walking area as well as an outdoor eating area.

The bollards create a safer environment for Flight Centre staff and clients as well as the public.

It also prevents unwanted visitors from driving onto their private property while allowing flight centre staff to drive in when desired.


The stainless steel provides a sleek finish which seamlessly blends into its surroundings. Adding a touch of class to the area.

Australian Bollards is proud to work with businesses around Australia to protect their assets and make the country a safer place.